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EL Coco brand has been in the market since 1985. GSL Premium Food Export Corporation vision in mind is to give the globe a taste of world-class banana chips. Through dynamic leadership, discipline and teamwork, GSL rose to become the largest banana chips producer and exporter in the Philippines today.

GSL’s factory is strategically located near premier banana plantations in Mindanao which guarantees a year-round supply of banana chips. The soils in Mindanao are exceptionally fertile and the climate perfect which are ideal in bringing about the best banana for chips processing.

Powered by the vision to be the leading Philippine banana chips manufacturer-exporter, GSL is committed to continuous product improvement to achieve the highest level of quality from raw material selection to production, to service and distribution – as part of the company’s Total Quality Management approach.

GSL presently has a two hundred strong workforce, all moving as a team towards the continuous enhancement of the company’s products and services. All these efforts are supported by the modern processing and marketing methods that GSL rigidly follows, plus the advantage of manufacturing plant that is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of the-art machineries.

GSL’s products are now distributed in major countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America, South Africa and USA.

Today, as it was almost three decades ago, GSL’s (EL Coco) existence is fueled by its ability to adapt to the changing demands of its customers while keeping constant the one thing that spawned it in the first place – the vision to produce quality products and services for the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

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